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David Sherwin

David with his little friend...

David with his little friend…

David Sherwin is the rector for the Worcestershire West Rural Team of churches.

Reverend David Sherwin, Team Rector of the Worcestershire West Rural Team has been in the area since August 2001, and during that time both his area of responsibility and staff team have grown. He is now also the Bishop’s Advisor in Evangelism and the Rural Dean. He is also a member of the Church of England’s College of Evangelists.

David grew up in North Birmingham in the 1950’s and 60’s. A teen of the 70’s, he was even known to wear his platform shoes and tank top!  When he left school he began work as a Medical Scientific Officer in the Health Service, specialising in Biochemistry and working in various hospitals in the Midlands.

He always felt his medical work might eventually lead him to working as a Missionary abroad. However, this was not to be and over a number of years a calling grew within his life, and he and his wife felt that he should leave his career and train to serve God full time in the church.

He trained at St John’s College, Nottingham, from 1984 to 1986, and served as a full time Lay Parish Evangelist (not ordained) in the mining town on Conisbrough, South Yorkshire. While there he was ordained Deacon in 1989 and Priested in 1990. His work took him not just all around Yorkshire, but across the country and even travelling to speak at a World Council of Churches Conference in Germany, visit growing churches in America, a long mission in Zaire, church work in Northern Ireland and visits to the Republic.

He has always wanted to make sure that the Christian faith is accessible and understandable to everyone. One of his projects in doing this led him to own and drive a double decker bus for a period of around 10 years. He used it as a mobile church facility in Yorkshire and across the country. He has fond memories of Barney The Bus (aka Barnabus).

He also spent 6 years in Doncaster working in 2 roles: as the Diocesan Advisor in Evangelism for Sheffield and as the Vicar of a town parish in Doncaster itself. Whilst there he ran a youth football team working with youths from the estate, and redesigned his 1950’s church for the 21st century. He was there until he moved to Worcestershire in 2001.

He has been married to Jane since 1977 and they have 3 daughters, Rebecca, Rachel and Natalie and 3 grand children.

In his spare time, as well as spending time with his family, he enjoys watching West Bromwich Albion and in recent years has revisited a teenage passion for fishing and enjoys going as often as he can. He plays guitar, which he uses in worship and he also enjoys the occasional folk night in local pubs. You may also have noticed that he has a lot of ‘friends’ and has quite a troop of puppets that help him with his school and church work. He enjoys a good laugh and has a good sense of humour.

Wherever he has worked he has found it a privilege to serve and be involved in people’s lives, in their sorrows and joys and to share with them the love of God in Christ Jesus.