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Leigh Group

The Leigh group consists of four parishes and five churches, which work together to meet the worshipping needs of the area. Within the group there is

  • St. Edburga’s church in Leigh
  • St. Mary Magdalene’s church in Alfrick,
  • St John the Baptist Church in Suckley,
  • St Thomas church Crown East and
  • St John the Baptist Chapel in Bransford.


Each church has its own flavour: for example, St Edburga’s is our largest, most historic building and has a choir, while St Mary Magdalene’s is a much smaller building which has historically preferred the traditional worship of the Book of Common Prayer.  Suckley has always been very good at welcoming the young families and shows flexibility in its service pattern, whilst Bransford maintains a BCP tradition.  It is particularly appreciated for its candlelit patronals or harvests!

The team vicar responsible has, until May, been Andrew Bullock. There is now an interregnum.

For details of the services and events in this group, see the lists on this page, or go to the pages for the individual churches.